6 week mentoring program offered through Internet Broadcast University‚Äč


This is a 6 week program working directly with Dr. A. D. Chafins and his broadcast staff learning the basics involved with Internet broadcast engineering and program development.

Dr. Chafins has been in broadcasting for 27 years. As an industry Internet broadcasting has been active for approximately 16 years. Dr. Chafins has been active within this industry for 12.5 of those 16 years. His experience has included creating a global Internet broadcasting network of TV and radio stations that today broadcast 24/7 7 days a week to 178 countries around the world. His network has broadcasted continuously without stop since April 11, 2011. For this reason he is a highly respected, well sought after teacher, speaker, mentor to organizations and people in many countries. His network today has stations in 7 countries. For this reason the 6 week course has tremendous value to anybody wanting to learn the basics in the number 1 growing broadcast industry of the future.

Areas of focus include broadcasting live and prerecorded programming, basic set development, developing a good working relationship with program hosts and much more

SCHEDULING: Sessions are designed around the individual’s schedule and the live broadcast schedule of SIBN

REQUIREMENTS: Good Internet service, a computer (desktop, laptop)



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